Data and Domains Consulting, Seattle Database Development and Web Programming: Access, SQL

Our team of talented, responsible and reliable developers are problem solvers.

Data and Domains Bellevue, WA

Our experienced staff of MS Access, MS Office, SQL Server and .Net developers leverages today's software technology to find solutions.

Our staff members hold Microsoft certifications and includes published authors and have years of experience building databases, providing Office automation, and delivering web solutions. We understand that your needs are unique to your business. The key to our years of success in solving problems is our ability to relate to Clients' specific requirements.

Executive Staff

Eric Chang, Partner
Mr. Chang has been involved in technology and business and has founded three companies after serving in the US Navy as a radar technician. Mr. Chang grew up in the Northwest and has worked in video games, multimedia products and business applications for over fifteen years, and was the creator of the “Virtual Seattle” mapping product. Mr. Chang is Microsoft-certified in multiple development technologies and has an MBA from UW with a focus in information systems. When not staring at a computer, Eric can be sometimes found replacing his putter or trying to get in an Xbox session.

Frank Wilson, Partner
Mr. Wilson has lived in King county since the 1960's. Early in his career he served in the US Army as a communication technician, then worked in telephony industry where invented complex test equipment and later at Philips Medical where he introduced personal computers to his department and produced programming solutions. For the last 15 years, he has been using computer solutions to solve business problems and is also Microsoft Certified Professional. After hours, he can be found taking trail hikes with his wife or visiting with his grandkids.

Developer Staff

Greg Bischak
Mr. Bischak has more than nine years of Access and SQL Database development experience. He also develops applications with VB6. In addition to being a Microsoft certified database administrator, Greg holds an MBA, and a BA. He also a Certified Quality Manager, American Society for Quality and is a former Technical Services Manager, Northwest Kidney Centers, Seattle.

George Hepworth
Mr. Hepworth is an Access/SQL Server developer, with more than 18 years experience using MS Access and SQL Server to build database solutions for enterprises and small businesses. George holds MA and BS degrees in English. His book credits include Grover Park George on Access (ISBN: 0972425896) and Microsoft Access in a SharePoint World (ISBN: 160298008X). He is also an administrator and contributor at Utter Access.

Fred Giorgio
Mr. Giorgio is an experienced .NET developer. He has completed web projects for many organizations, including Washington State University and Microsoft.

Our Services

Business Data Organization
  • Analyze current business processes and needs
  • Insure internal data controls exist and are followed
  • Scrub and transform data
Database Development (Access & SQL Server)
  • Perform Indexing and normalization of tables
  • Design user interfaces including complex search screens
  • Provide advanced reports, queries and data extractions
  • Troubleshooting corruptions and manage backups
Database Migration and Office Automation (VBA, MS Excel and MS Word )
  • Excel to Access
  • MS Access to SQL server migration
  • Produce advanced functions, formulas and macros
  • Integrate and automate document creation
  • Create User and technical documentation
  • Produce custom charting and graphing in Excel